How to Pick the Right Business Directory

There is still a place for business directories even in the age of the Google Core Algorithm update and the BERT update, Google’s most significant over the past few years. The search engine and its fundamental ranking factors hold the pride of place in the race for rankings, traffic and exposure online. Most businesses may ….  Read More

Business Directories and SEO

Google’s AI-powered contextual search engine algorithms have improved to a point where some businesses no longer see the need to list their businesses on web directories. Google’s own Head of Web SPAM John Mueller has stated in the past that business directories “in general” are no longer relevant as a ranking factor.  Yet, veteran internet ….  Read More

Why Use Website Directory

In the early days of the web, being listed in the top web directories was the thing. A high listing on the popular website directories was akin to gaining top rankings in the major search engines like Google today. It contributed significantly to top search engine rankings, and the directories drove loads of high-quality traffic ….  Read More